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Build Season Week 4

Life lessons with B.O.B.

Today’s life lesson: Communication is Key!!

This week Programming was hammering away at their multiple projects when Build came over to tell them that plans had changed. . . two days ago. Luckily Programming was able to adapt and quickly get back on track but we were all gently reminded why Communication is so important! Despite the little setback Programming is plowing through many new branches of code and working on the drivetrain, Business development is busy organizing community events and fundraisers. Design is swamped with work, but they are getting incredible amounts done. Mechatronics and Build are taking Design’s work and making it a reality, this robot is really coming together! We’re Halfway through Build Season Y’all, thank you so much for your constant support.

And as always stay tuned for more updates on this weekly, bi-weekly, or whenever we remember blog,



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