Community Events

Team 85 participates in a multitude of community events in order to help manifest a passion for STEM in our local community. Through these events, we intend to give back to our community for its never ending support.

Walk for Warmth

The Walk For Warmth raises money to heat the homes of low-income residents of Ottawa County. Community members partake by walking in the frigid winter weather throughout downtown Zeeland. This year, Team 85 raised over $1,300 which was then doubled by Consumers Energy's generous cause. Find out more about Walk For Warmth here!


Pumpkin fest

Pumpkin Fest is a Zeeland community celebration filled with family fun and seasonal activities for 30 years. It's a three day festivity that offers free events for the community. Team 85 participates in the Pumpkin Fest parade annually to continue to nourish the community's passion for STEM.


Summer Science Camps

Team 85 has helped host a summer science camp for kids ages 7 through 12. The team teaches kids the importance of science and technology in a fun way. Team 85 also gives the kids a chance to see and drive our robot!

WMRI (West Michigan Robotics Invitational)


This is an off season season event dedicated to helping new teams get a taste of FIRST and helps current teams get excited for the up coming season. The WMRI is hosted by Team 85 at Zeeland High School. To see more information or register for the event, click here!


Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is a fundraising event where all the money goes to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. It is hosted by our own Zeeland High School! We brought the robot to share with all the participants of the event. We allowed the children from the hospital to have a great time with our robot.

Tulip Time


Team 85 partners up with Team 74 CHAOS, Team 107 R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S., and Team 5927 the iCademy GlobeTrotters to march in the Holland Tulip Time Muziekparade to promote STEM to a large crowd of attendees.



Team 85 went to the Koops company to introduce ourselves further. We built a community relationship with the corporation and got the opportunity to spread our message further to local sponsors. Koops employees got the chance to operate the robot and develop a personal relationship with our team.