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Time is Scarce, and Life Impermanent.

As the FIRST Robotics season of 2023 enters full swing, we here at Team 85 B.O.B have been quite busy up into this fourth week. We've been designing, prototyping, building, coding, connecting, and more. In all of this we've learned several lessons, some of which we already knew, paramount amongst which is the value of time. For as countless have said throughout history, from Heraclitus to Benjamin Franklin, nothing is permanent but change, and time holds value in of itself. We have experienced that there is much to do and each and every thing requires a portion of some poor soul's life. To manage these eternal shackles of time, we have concocted a plethora of means by which to expedite and streamline the performance of our necessary duties through prioritization, goal setting, delegation, and much more. While our time may be limited, we are able to make the best possible use of it through the dedication and determination of our team, students and mentors alike, to the task at hand.

Now you have likely spent several minutes reading this passage, so I thank you and pose the question, was it worth the time? The answer to that question is entirely up to you, but as far as I'm concerned, it most certainly was. I bid you Farewell for now and wish you the best of luck in the near future.

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